Autogrow Systems

Autogrow design and manufacture greenhouse control equipment. Their systems allow the grower to monitor all aspects of greenhouse management including nutrient and environmental control. Their aim is simplicity and accuracy providing growers with the best results cost effectively.


  • MultigGrow – The MultigGrow controller is a modular system that can control the climate of up to 8 greenhouse/warehouse compartments in addition to managing other functions like fertigation, hydroponic dosing and environment monitoring; the best part is you only pay for the functions you will be using. You can receive alarms by SMS or email and the controller has remote access using a wi-fi tablet or smart phone.
  • NutriDose 1 – a hydroponics EC/pH dosing system for setting EC and pH, optional PC connectivity, ability to set different EC for day and night and simple irrigation control. You can set dosing fail safes and alarms. 
  • IntelliDose – a controller that automatically adds nutrients and corrects pH as the plants feed, working tirelessly to keep the nutrient tank in perfect balance, it can dose up to 8 parts and include free IntelliGrow software (optional).











  • IntelliClimate – an intelligent grow room climate controller with USB interface that controls lights, fans, a dehumidifier, air conditioning, heating, CO₂ or a humidifier. Includes free IntelliGrow software.
  • Mini Dosers – ideal for the budget conscious and those who don’t need a computer interface; used by large commercial growers for water pre-treatment (pH) or for a trial area with a number of reservoir tanks.











  • AutoFog – a fogging system that monitors temperature and relative humidity and controls the fogging of the grow room to cool the room down or increase humidity.
  • Blender – a controller that blends the run off with fresh water to a specific EC which can then be reused in the system.

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What Clients Say

  • ‘A great source of information and support. Good luck with making this primary source for hydroponics worldwide’ Iain Reynolds, CEO – Pocket Herbs and Produce, Australia

    Iain Reynolds

    Iain Reynolds