AutoPot (UK)

From small holdings to acres of commercial glasshouses; AutoPot provides growers of all abilities with a system – large or small – that will far exceed their expectations. AutoPot products operate without electricity, timers or pumps; they simply require gravity pressure from a reservoir to automatically feed and water the plants.

AutoPot is the only watering system in the world where each individual plant controls their own irrigation and receives fresh nutrient enriched water exactly when they need it. By consistently meeting the plants’ requirements, growers using AutoPot systems achieve even growth across their whole crop, utilise their light and space more efficiently and harvest more yield per plant.

For the commercial horticulturalist, AutoPot offers a watering solution that allows optimum levels of water and nutrient to be delivered to a huge volume of plants. Reducing their watering workload without the need for pumps or electricity and – most importantly – with zero waste.

AutoPot offers the commercial grower:

  • Healthier, heavier yielding plants that receive fresh nutrient whenever they need it
  • Systems that operate without electricity, pumps or timers
  • A proven track record – AutoPot is used in over 50 countries worldwide
  • An environmentally sustainable solution, as the systems produce zero waste
  • The flexibility to grow any crop variety; edible or ornamental
  • A turn-key solution tailored to your growing area

Following independent horticultural trials undertaken by Valley Grown Salads - a major supplier of peppers and salads to UK supermarket chains Waitrose and Co-Op – conclusive results showed that AutoPot Watering Systems reduced water and fertiliser usage by 45% compared to traditional irrigation methods.

Commercial Examples:

Harvest on the Hill Farm in Barbados has installed 2700 AutoPot easy2grow systems on site, with plants growing in three 4000 square foot poly tunnels. They produce a continuous harvest of between 800 to 1600 lbs of cucumbers per week, which are distributed to local hotels, supermarkets and visiting cruise ships. Click here for a video of this commercial operation.

Kennesaw State University in Georgia, USA is cultivating fresh produce for their population of 25,000 students. They are using several AutoPot systems to grow tomatoes on a commercial scale and will convert further greenhouses throughout 2014 to produce a wide variety of edible crops. The University had no experience of hydroponic growing prior to using AutoPot.

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What Clients Say

  • ‘A great source of information and support. Good luck with making this primary source for hydroponics worldwide’ Iain Reynolds, CEO – Pocket Herbs and Produce, Australia

    Iain Reynolds

    Iain Reynolds