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Once you are comfortable with the basics of hydroponics it makes sense to progress to the next level. You have a good understanding of the system(s) and have grown successful plants. The next step may be to integrate different systems or crops, begin environmental control of an area and start to incorporate more intelligent controls into the system.

If you are confident with your knowledge and performance of growing hydroponic crops and understand the benefits of these techniques, it may be time to decide how you are going to take your plans further. Successful businesses are built upon good foundations and good preparation.

Look at the crop type – is there a market? Is the crop going to be profitable? Would it be more beneficial to grow a quick turnaround crop and rely upon the quantity produced or grow a more valuable long term crop? Should you grow a variety of crops?

Investigate your route to market and the supply chain. How are you going to market your produce or will that be left with a third party?

Leave no stone unturned in the planning of your business. It is not purely about growing a fantastic crop.


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    Iain Reynolds