Hotbox International (UK)

Hotbox International Ltd. is a world leading manufacturer of quality greenhouse heating and propagation equipment for commercial and amateur growers.

Based in Brough, East Yorkshire, Hotbox International Ltd. has grown from small beginnings. Originally based in Hampshire, Hotbox was created by Mr Rowland Spencer in 1976 to manufacture greenhouse heaters for commercial growers. All these years later, we are widely recognised as the leaders in greenhouse heating for small and medium sized nurseries.

Our made to measure Heatwave Panel for propagation has proved highly successful on an international scale. There is no other bottom heat system available which produces such an even spread of heat throughout its surface.

Our gas heaters will run on either propane or natural gas and are made from long lasting aluminium coated steel with stainless steel burners. Both electronic and non-electronic models are fully thermostatically controlled and all encompass a safety cut out mechanism ensuring complete safety. The heaters reduce to a small pilot flame when the desired temperature is reached, giving maximum fuel economy.

The Hotbox Sulfume sulphur vaporiser is the safest on the market. It is voltage independent and the only sulphur vaporiser on the market with a unique temperature control that cannot overheat.

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What Clients Say

  • ‘A great source of information and support. Good luck with making this primary source for hydroponics worldwide’ Iain Reynolds, CEO – Pocket Herbs and Produce, Australia

    Iain Reynolds

    Iain Reynolds