Urban Farming

Urban farming, or urban agriculture as it is also known, is becoming more and more popular with about 800 million people all over the world doing this, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. People are becoming a lot more concerned with where their food comes from, the “food miles” and staying healthy. Urban farming allows a lot more control over this as, for example, less pesticides are used because of growing indoors.

The use of hydroponics and rooftop greenhouses means people can grow their own food in increasingly urban areas. It allows people to provide for themselves and also for local businesses. It is also important for low income countries for the same reasons. This allows for a much more sustainable option that offers food with less “food miles” and that helps to develop urban areas.

As much as this seems to be taking off all over the world, it is still a relatively early development and there are still aspects to consider such as, renewable energy.

What Clients Say

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    Iain Reynolds

    Iain Reynolds