Valoya LED Grow Lights (Finland)

Valoya wide spectrum LED grow lights provide optimised light for professional plant cultivation. Valoya’s unique light technology enables increases in productivity, quality improvements as well as energy savings. Valoya’s core technology is a wide light spectra, patented in US, pending globally – delivered through proprietary LEDs. Valoya’s light spectrums are based on extensive research and testing, done in co-operation with leading research institutes, progressive and skilled customers and in-house.

Valoya has paid great attention to durability of its products. Effective passive cooling is maintenance free and cost effective compared to active systems with breakable parts and energy loss. The Valoya LEDs allow effective temperature and humidity control due to no directional heat on plants. Valoya lights even enable pollinating bees to operate without sunlight.

Valoya Spectra

Valoya’s wide spectra offer the best possible light for plants in an energy efficient way. Valoya’s patented wide spectra are designed to optimise growth for a variety of plants in various applications. In addition to photosynthesis, the spectra gives valuable information to plants about their environment, allowing control of plant morphology and physiological traits.

AP67 Strong vegetative and generative growth

AP673 Strong vegetative growth

G2 Strong red and far red with additional wide blue

NS1, NS2 Wide sun-like spectra for research and biotech

Architectural Warm White spectrum for architectural applications

Product Series


B-series lights are bar shaped, thus suitable for installation where optimal uniformity is required. The form factor allows utilisation of greenhouse structures in order to minimise shadow. B-series lights are used on hydroponic lines, as inter-lighting, roof lighting, in high intensity multilayer systems and in high intensity growth chambers and rooms.

Typical applications: High intensity lighting, growth rooms

Light intensity in typical applications: 100—800 µmol/m2/s

Available spectra: AP67, AP673, G2, NS1, NS2, Arch


The R-series form factor resembles traditional HID lighting and offers an easy to install option for one-to-one replacement of HID lights. R-series lights are thus ideal for a step by step investment in LEDs by replacing part of HID lights with more energy efficient Valoya wide spectrum LED lights. A highly durable fixture due to all aluminum build, high IP and passive cooling.

Typical applications: High intensity lighting, HID replacement

Light intensity in typical applications: 100—1000 µmol/m2/s

Available spectra: AP67, AP673, G2, NS1, NS2, Arch


The T8 form factor allows the L-series products to be installed in fluorescent tube fixtures without modification (fixtures with a magnetic ballast). Other installation options are cost effective, easy to install end caps with IP64 rating for e.g. testing purposes. L-series fixtures are available in T8 standard lengths (120 and 150 cm).

Typical applications: Plant factory/multilayer, growth chambers

Light intensity in typical applications: 20—150 µmol/m2/s

Available spectra: AP67, AP673, G2


The 7W bulb replaces narrow band LED bulbs and traditional incandescent lights. Using a standard E27 socket, it is an easy to install option for existing light bulb applications where high quality light is required without excessive energy consumption.

Typical applications: Morphology manipulation, photoperiodic lighting

Light intensity in typical applications: Up to 10 µmol/m2/s

Available spectra: AP67, AP673, G2








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